Boaz Akatsutsumi
Boaz sat on the counter watching as her new friend prepared the food, her sneakered feet banging lightly as she swung them. "Mom doesn't cook, so we eat out a lot."


She nodded. "She burns everything. And the food the lab computers make is kinda salty sometimes. But it makes good cookies!"

Priestly scowled and held out a slice of potato to her. "Your mom should bring you to visit me more often. It may be diner food, but it's better than computer food."

"I've never been to visit you. She doesn't like coming to the island." Boaz munched on the potato happily. "Maybe that's why?"

"She can call me and we can meet back in Santa Cruz, then." He waved the spatula at her. "You tell her that."

Boaz bounced eagerly. "I've been there! That's where grandmother-Naomi lives!"

Priestly looked a bit startled. "Who?"

"Grandmother-Naomi! She's my mom's friend!" Boaz grinned. "She taught me how to make paper airplanes!"

Priestly looked over at her. "How come you've met my mom, but not me?"

"She's not your mom. Grandmother-Naomi doesn't have any kids anymore."


"He died. He was my mom's friend." Boaz pulled herself up onto the counter and reached over to take the spatula from him.

Priestly resisted a moment, then gave it to her so she could stir the skillet contents. Using both hands, like a good five year old. Another world where I died, he thought. Aloud, "It's nice that your mom takes you to visit, then."


"My name is Boaz Akatsutsumi. I'll be seven years old this December. I have red hair just like my mom and blue eyes. My mom works for the National Science Laboratory, here in Tokyo City. I don't really have a dad, but that's okay, cause my mom loves me doubles since she adopted me. I don't know where I was born, but mom says she found me in a place called Fandom Island in America when I was really little, but I don't remember that. I look Japanese but not all the way. Mom says it doesn't make a difference and no one teases me about it anymore, so I don't mind."

"I like living in Japan a lot. And living at the Lab is fun. I get to help sometimes with some of Professor Ken's inventions if I promise not to tell Mom. I'm supposed to not bother the Professor when he's working, but he says he likes having me around to talk to because he is lonely sometimes when my Aunt Kuriko is away. She works for the police so sometimes she works a lot."

"Mom and I go visiting to other places a lot, too. Like sometimes we go to America to visit her friends from when she lived there. We don't go to Fandom Island too much because Mom says it makes her sad to think of all the bad things that happened there, even if the best thing ever happened there too. That's when she found me. I like visiting New Gotham the best because I can play in the Clocktower all day where Mom's friend lives. Mom says there's no way I can get into trouble there, so she doesn't worry too much. I don't get into trouble on purpose. Sometimes it's just right there and I don't even know it! Aunt Kuriko and the Professor say I'm a lot like Mom for someone who was adopted so it must have been fate that she found me."

"I am named after my Mom's friend who died when she lived on Fandom Island. That was one of the bad things that happened. They were going to get married but he died so they couldn't. She says the name is very old and means I am strong. It's true. I can already do stuff that middle school kids can do in gym, like lifting things. But I like gymnastics best. And art but I don't draw on the walls anymore."

... Boaz finished reading her essay, smooshing her chin into Mister Bear as she did, wondering if she needed to add anything more. It was so long already!

Nah. It was done. She got up and ran from the room. "Mooooom! I'm done with homework now! Can you check it so I can have seconds on dessert, pleeeeease?"

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AU!Umbridge Momoko visits

Boaz Akatsutsumi visits

Umbridge High Main Office, Friday
To: Umbridge High Security Office
From: Umbridge High Administrative Office
Re: Reports needed

Ms Bo:

Thank you for your speedy attention regarding our Gremlin 'issue' last week. We have had no subsequent attacks on our office since your visit.

As it is the end of the month, the Business Office is attempting to close out our files. In doing so, we have discovered we do not have the monthly status report from your office. Can you please dispatch this to our office as soon as possible?

In addition, it has come to our attention that there was a casualty among the student body yesterday. We will be expecting the usual paperwork.

We look forward to working with you in the upcoming school year and appreciate all your hard work in maintaining our school and student body.

~ M Akatsutsumi

Momoko hit send and then rested her head on her hand for a moment. She'd had to come in early to get started on the paperwork regarding the death of yet another student in Detention, and the literal headache the news had given her yesterday was no better this morning.

She swallowed another aspirin, her eye catching the card from Priestly that she'd found at her door. Tokyo. Momoko reached for it, just trying to lose herself in the cherry blossoms. Was it time for them to fall? She... she couldn't really remember.

But she did remember Priestly asking her to go on a trip with him a few days ago. Just the two of them. Was this what he meant? A trip to Tokyo?

And then Momoko's breath stopped for a moment. A trip to her Tokyo? Tokyo City? Her family?

Had... Had Priestly been trying to... Had...

Momoko's head pounded as she tried to complete the thought. Had she turned down a proposal?!

Paperwork and reports were completely forgotten as she slipped the card into her purse and headed out of the office; it would all be there on Monday, and she had to find Priestly now, talk to him. Explain! He'd misunderstand! Was that why he was so totally melancholy of late? They'd been together so very long, but she hadn't realized... She had only thought he meant... Oh, she had no idea what she'd thought and it didn't matter.

"Find Priestly and then..." And then? She rubbed her head lightly and headed to the South Gate.

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Momoko's room, Umbridge Arms, Tuesday Evening
Momoko had come home from work today and spent a few minutes tidying before finally sitting down to the latest volume of the Posey Trilogy. She'd been looking forward to it for so long!

So how she fell asleep RIGHT when Posey is about to talk to Etta about the feelings she had for the new boy, she totally had no clue. Nor did she know why she dreamt she was running around town trying to escape streets that were on fire.

When she finally woke up, it was late... too late to go visit Priestly, as much as she wanted to...

"Ah ah!" Momoko sighed as she sat up and stretched, gazing in the direction of the phone.

"It's been all day
That I haven't heard your voice
Or looked in your eyes
It's when I spend time with you
everything's okay

It's been so long
Since you were by my side
And just to see you, right there, smiling
That's what's been on my mind

I wanna see you right now, na na
Be with you right now, na na
Wish you could fly here right now, na na
We need to link up right now, na na"

Uhmmm. She blushed and covered her mouth. "Well, that totally could have been worse. At least it was a catchy tune?" Momoko heated up some leftovers, humming, and wondering if it really was too late to call someone.

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